Focused, sustainable solutions

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Collaborative, creative background  trained in design, filmmaking, advertising  builds bridges between design trades and other teammates  manages global client relationships       Understands teammates in tech  product management training  direct developer collaboration  experience in ops + implementation      Experienced in creating experiences  charismatic presenter + empathetic trainer  champion of a healthy, unique workplace culture  led Apple retail demo tech & visual merchandising team

I enjoy thunderstorms and bicycling (not together). I’m a proud Trekkie. I was a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, in 2013. Thanks to my Eagle Scout training, I can survive for days without food, water, or an internet connection.



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"It is the messy but satisfying job of a designer to discover solutions that are only knowable through the eyes of other people."


A personal celebration and critique of design, technology, and the systematic impacts they have on each other. Opinions are my own. (Mine, I say!)



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If you’re looking for someone who can both design and present well with a stellar attention to detail and experience on diverse teams, holler at me via email or Twitter.


Currently happily employed at Fjord (formerly Chaotic Moon) but always interested in creative and impactful side projects, especially in active/mass transportation or environmental sustainability.



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