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my roles:variety of researchinteraction designservice designclient presentation shared roles:content designvisual designdata designclient management   Consultancy:Fjord, Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive Primary Role:Interaction Designer With Fjord since:Late 2016   

As client work, the vast majority of the work I've done at Fjord is confidential. I'd be happy to share some case studies offline or under an NDA for reasonable purposes. Some of the case studies:


  • a shipment investigation tool that unified seven different legacy systems to create a better employee experience, cut resolution times in half, and introduce a predictive algorithm to aid diagnostic efforts.
  • a co-designed set of enterprise offerings around autonomous vehicle data and experience for a collection of major automotive clients.
  • a multi-platform next-generation mobile experience for car rental customers that delivers timely, personalized information and proactive, noninvasive support informed by automotive sensors.
  • a collaborative, intuitive four-dimensional aerospace planning and simulation tool in virtual reality for a major aviation organization.
  • our own internal employee onboarding process.


Please contact me to learn more about the case studies for these stellar projects. Thanks!


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